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Attending an event or organizing one?
at an event, BizON helps you find the right people to do business with

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Attending an event

BizON is a simple and unobtrusive smartphone app with which Attendees in a conference, meeting, or trade exhibition can get in contact with like-minded people around them with the same business interests.

Organizing an event

BizON is a service provided by the Event Organizer to enhance participation, by promoting networking of Attendees with potential mutual business relevance.

User friendly

Key topics are set by the Event Organizer. Attendees will set their own profiles by selecting areas of interest. During the event, BizON will match them with other Attendees of interest. The Event Organizer can get statistics on matched Attendees.

For Organizers

Are you an Event Organizer and you want your guests to effectively meet each other, share their interests, and do business during your event?

Provide BizON during your event as a networking service for enhanced interaction and exchange among Attendees.

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For Attendees

Are you attending an event with hundreds of like-minded people who share your own interests?
Do you have an idea, skills? Do you want to invest your money? Find the right people!

1. Download the app

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2. Make yourself visible

choosing your interests

3. Find new contacts

with those around you who share your interests and invite them to meet

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